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LGBTQ+ Youth Grant

LGBTQ+ Youth Grant

LGBTQ+ Grant Cycle opens March 1 – April 30

The LGBTQ+ Youth Grant is a project of the El Paso Community Foundation created to provide support, promote understanding, and to create inclusion efforts for LGBTQ+ youth and allies across El Paso area schools.

Please complete this form once your school leadership has completed the LGBTQ+ Training. This grant opportunity is intended to expand on the training and create spaces that provide support for LGBTQ+ youth and allies, promote understanding, and create inclusion efforts on your campus.


  • School leadership, Principal or Vice Principal, must participate in the LGBTQ+ training. Other school personnel are invited to accompany the training. (Check back with EPCF regarding next available training).
  • Must submit an application to the El Paso Community Foundation here.
  • Summary must include how funds will be used towards programming for school staff, students or parents to support LGBTQ+ youth.

As a participant of the Diversity and Resiliency training, you are now eligible to request funds for your school campus. So what’s next? It’s time to get creative and consider how you can use funds on your campus. Here are some examples on how to use funds, but not limited to:

  • Share the knowledge and resources with teachers, staff, student clubs and school personnel. Contact the Diversity and Resiliency Institute for additional training for your campus or consult your ideas. Ashley Heridebrecht, LMSW and Director:
  • Create Gender & Sexualities Alliance on your campus, formerly known as Gay- Straight Alliance - Under the federal Equal Access Act, students have the right to form Gender and Sexualities Alliance (GSAs). GSA’s are student-led clubs that bring together LGBTQ+ youth and allies to provide support, promote understanding, create safe spaces and inclusive environments at schools. This is just one example of what you can do with funds provided. If your school already has a GSA, funds can be used to support their work, create new opportunities for engagement and create new initiatives.
  • Create allyship on your campus. Efforts in this area could include parent/guardian resource and training sessions, incorporation of LGBTQ+ history and awareness into class curriculum and library materials, educational sessions/assemblies for students, and visual items to display on campus demonstrating the priority of LGBTQ+ inclusion.
  • Build cross-curricular skills of observation, listening, and reflection.

Please include your school name, grade level and program summary below.